Esther Raushenbush Library Renovation

The Esther Raushenbush Library is currently in the process of a multi-year renovation. The library renovation includes:

The Library will remain open throughout the duration of the renovation.

We invite you to explore our photos of the ongoing renovation below. Please email Interim Library Director Bobbie Smolow with any questions at Current members of the Sarah Lawrence community can find additional information about the completed IT suite office on MySLC. Photos will be added as construction progresses. Last updated 9/18/14.

The DVD section before the construction
The stacks of the main level before construction
Compact shelving waiting to be assembled on the main level.
During construction: Compact shelving, without books
During construction: books lining the halls, waiting to be reshelved
The former exhibit area of the main level before construction.
After: Reading alcove by new compact shelving
During: Former exhibit area, now with new carpeting and the beginnings of compact shelving
A seating area of the art section, before construction.
During construction: The upper level quiet area gets a new wall
After: Cozy nook in the cafe
The former location of the art section, which will be the new site of the cafe.
After: More art near the counter of the cafe
After: Some of the seating and art in the Copyright Cafe.
During construction: The seating area at the entry to the cafe (former location of art books)
During construction: The spiral staircase by the entry to the new cafe.
After: The entrance to the new Copyright Cafe
The lower level photocopiers before construction
The lower level photocopier space, by the bathrooms.
After construction: The lower level copy machines are back, with some new carpeting and lighting.
The lower level vending machines and bathrooms, before construction
During construction: The vending machines have a new home, as do the gender neutral bathrooms.
After: Furniture in the vending machine area
The lower level by the vending machines and bathrooms, during construction.
During construction: Almost finished, the lower level vending machine area has a lot more space for seating
After: Furniture in the vending machine area
After: Main level reading area by Reference section. More tables and seating.
After: Quiet study space with furniture on the main level
Before: Part of the periodicals room, used to create the new library classroom
After: The new main level classroom, previously part of the periodicals room.
Before: Lower level e-classroom
Before: Library computer lab (moved to upper level), current location of IT offices
During construction: Former location of the computer lab, now IT entrance
After: The new entrance to IT, in the former location of the computer lab on the lower level
During construction: Former location of the computer lab; new Help Desk space.
Before: Library pillow room before getting a facelift
During construction: the Pillow Room gets leveled out
During construction: The Pillow Room has its pillows moved temporarily
After: The lower level courtyard has a new concrete patio for easier access.
During construction: Some of the bound periodicals create a temporary wall in the lower level
During construction: The new offices of the library ILL and Student Employment
After: New furniture by the end of the music books in the main level compact shelving
After: New furniture by the end of the music books in the main level compact shelving